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Congratulations!  Whether you are moving on to your new dream home or downsizing to prepare for retirement, your house is under contract and you are ready to close!  To help ensure a smooth closing, please make sure to do your diligence prior to closing and show up at closing with the following;


Seller Information Sheet - We are not prying, but in order to properly handle the closing, we need to have your current lender and home owners association information so we can order the appropriate payoff information prior to closing.   

Review the Seller Closing Disclosure Statement- Once we have received a closing package our office will prepare a settlement statement with the financial information and send to your agent.  It is important to review this with your agent prior to closing so you can make sure that all appropriate charges such as closing cost allowance are correct.  This will help ensure your closing occurs efficiently and finishes on time. 


Picture ID -   A picture ID ensures that we are dealing with the right person.  It is required by the lender and helps prevent issues such as mortgage fraud.  A few valid forms of ID are a state drivers license, military ID or passport.

Any Necessary Legal Documents
-  Generally not required, but if you have recently married or divorced and your name is different than it appears on title, you need to bring in documents that will reflect the correct name.  If you are not sure it is always best to call and ask us.

Wire Funds
– If you want us to wire your funds, please provide us with a blank voided check that has your banks routing and account number.  Please note that the names on the account must match exactly the names that appear on the settlement statement.   

Power of Attorney - If executing loan documents using a Power of Attorney, the original must be brought to closing as it must be recorded along with the Warranty Deed. It is also important to note that the Power of Attorney must be approved by the attorney and the lender prior to closing.

House Keys and Garage Door Openers
- This is self explanatory.

Termite Letter and Bond- If required per the contract, please bring the original to closing.  If there is a charge please notify us before the closing so that we can make sure it appears on the settlement statement.